The US is a free country, until the lawyers get involved

Hi Brit,

I know y’all have a bit of a problem with your Government being somewhat smothering.  Over here, the Government isn’t the main problem; that is the duty of our courts.  For instance:

Virtually Addicted

The jest of which is that some dolt is looking at Internet porn while on IBM’s clock, got caught, got fired, and, through his lawyer, is demanding $5 million because it’s not his fault.  While I fully support this dolt’s right to file this insane lawsuit, with the help of his blood sucking legal counsel, I also think that the Judge who didn’t immediately kick the case out of court should be flogged to death in the public square with computer cables by a representative sample of the people who are going to be forced to shell out good money to pretend to give serious attention to this crap.  Unless of course, I can make some head way on my claim that, since I am addicted to eating, it should be illegal for grocery stores to charge me for food.

the Grit


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