Flipping Senate?

Hi Brit,

And in another dark joke, the universe is once again yanking our chain.  As you know, our Senate is split 51 – 49 after the last election.  However, that may change before they even move into their new offices.

Senator Johnson undergoes surgery

It looks like the unfortunate gentleman had a stroke.  The importance of this is that he’s a Democrat.  If he, and I hope this isn’t the case, can’t return to his job, the Governor of the state gets to appoint a replacement.  The Governor of South Dakota, the state in question, is a Republican, and would likely put a fellow party member in that seat.  So, bang, out of the blue we have an evenly divided Senate.  Since, ties in the Senate are broken by the Vice President…  And just when I was looking forward to blaming everything on the liberals for the next two years 😦

Let me end this with my best wishes to Senator Johnson for a full and speedy recovery. 

the Grit


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