The US does care

Hi Brit,

Despite all the bad press we get, the US does some good things.  For instance:

Reducing Malaria in Africa Focus of U.S. Summit

Of course, there are probably some environmental groups getting ready to wage legal war to protect the poor, misunderstood mosquitoes.  Maybe we can keep a few mosquito nets here for use on their lawyers.

Here’s another one:

 United States Helping To Build Flu-Fighting Capacity Overseas

Between the two programs that’s $2 billion just to keep other people from getting sick.  Or, we could hand it over to the UN  to fix up their club house.

What the heck, one more:

Pakistan Makes Impressive Recovery from 2005 Earthquake

There’s another $1.5 billion (or more) we’re spending on people who, I’ve been told, hate the US with a passion. 

the Grit


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