Surrender 24

Hi Brit,

I finally found time to check out the France 24 website.  It’s really cool and useful.  Y’all should bookmark this one.

I particularly enjoyed the translation section.  It seems you can find out how to say, “we surrender,” in every known language, including Ebonics and sign language.  One can never tell when that information is going to come in handy.  The cooking section also deserves special mention.  Really, where else can you find 842 different ways to cook snail.  Look for the link, “Snails, chicken in a shell.”

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the classified section, where the French Government is offering end of year prices on everything from nuclear weapons, to berets.  It looks like they are running a special on their own mothers.  Also of interest to those of you who that have bribed a French offical for the secret password, there are still a few cheap Oil for Food contracts up for bid.

While you’re there, don’t forget to down load Jacques Chirac’s Country – Western rendition of “Little American Pigs, How We Hate You So.”  I’m having special singing Christmas cards made up which play it when opened.

I know this site is going to keep you riveted to your computer screen, but please, please, don’t forget to swing back here every now and then.

the Grit


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