Iran’s President – mullah madness

Hi Brit,

It seems that this man,mahmoud_ahmadinejad_wideweb__470×3640.jpg, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has decided that the Holocaust never happened.  First, I’d like to know why anyone cares about the opinion of a leader from a country that’s too poor to afford a tie or an electric shaver for their top guy.  Second, how did this loon get elected president of anything larger than a neighborhood committee?  Third, when did the Klan vote in Iran get so strong?

In related news, Ahmadinejad has also announced that this man, papaeast-s.jpg, instead of being Pope, ran a Blessing-gram franchise in Atlanta.  These guys,

beetles.jpg, were traveling pest control workers. 

is a two foot high model hidden in the White House basement, and this,
is actually a flaming chariot pulled across the sky every day by flying horses.

He does, however, believe that this man,
 is real, and has issued orders to have him assassinated.

the Grit


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