UN fights poverty, after taking their cut

Hi Brit,

It looks like the UN is fighting poverty, but in a most unusual way.  Besides the $1.8 BILLION they are blowing on updating their club house, I found some other interesting expenditures.

Residence of U.N. chief to get major renovation

The price tags: Heat, $2.1 million; kitchen, $200,000; baths $100,000; security, $650,000; plumbing and electric, $60,000.  The total comes to over $4 MILLION.  Of course, the head grand pooh-bah of the UN needs a nice place where he and his friends can discuss just how poor other people are.

UN chief seeks double pensions over 2 million dollars

Looks like Annan winds up with $2 million cash plus $250,000 dollars a year.  Well, I can see that.  Really, the fight against poverty has to start somewhere.  Although, I though he skimmed enough Oil For Food money to set him up for life, but what do I know about being rich.

Annan really does have a problem with poverty, and he talks a pretty good game on the subject.

Fighting poverty essential to protecting human rights: UN chief

In a message observing International Human Rights Day, Annan said ending poverty “poses a central moral challenge of our time” while enforcing human rights can help attain the goal.

“Human rights are jeopardized wherever and whenever a man, woman or child subsists in extreme poverty,” he said.

“If we are to be serious about human rights, we must demonstrate that we are serious about deprivation,” he stressed.

He called for making the fight against “a matter of obligation, not charity.”

Now, if the UN and Annan would just put our money where their mouth is.

the Grit


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