The culture of corruption is over, sort of

Hi Brit,

I’m not sure how closely you follow American politics, so I thought this might give you some insight into our process.

 Despite Probe, a Close Race

One of the issues during our last election was corruption by Republican office holders.  The opposition party called it, “the culture of corruption,” which seems to have been a winning slogan.  So, now that the Democrats have won, that’s all over.  Sort of.  It seems that one House race isn’t settled yet.  Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) garnered enough votes to force a runoff election against the leading candidate.  This was unexpected since Jefferson is under Federal investigation after FBI agents found $90,000 in (I can’t resist) cold cash stashed in his freezer.  The allegation is that the money was given in exchange for the Congressman’s votes on certain issues.  So, once again, the new power in Washington is making a slow start out of the gate.  I can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

the Grit


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