Call her Nanny Pelosi

Hi Brit,

The liberals have won the elections and are ready to take over control of Congress.  While they haven’t moved in yet, we’re already getting a smell of things to come.

Pelosi may snuff out Capitol smoking spot

It seems the Smoking Nazis made some donations to the Democrats and are getting their payoff.  I wonder what other Nanny State groups have favors coming?  Since the Meat Nazis are probably on the list, I’d advise selling any shares of fast food restaurants you might own

Of course, Nanny Pelosi’s decision is troubling from another perspective as well.  The US Congress makes decisions that often determine the fate of the entire world, in some ways.  Do we really want those decisions made by nervous, twitchy, and generally irritated politicians who are thinking more about getting a nicotine fix than the consequences of the legislation they’re voting on?

the Grit


2 Responses to “Call her Nanny Pelosi”

  1. Lord Crimson Says:

    Nancy Pelosi’s actions are one of many problems a free society encounters when a socialist moves into a position of power. They simply have this overwhelming urge to intrude into everyones life. True to nature her first action is to look for freedoms to revoke. Hopefully her reign will be short and meaningless.

  2. the Grit Says:

    Well said. Of course, I’ll have more to write about while she is in charge 🙂

    the Grit

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