Another Christmas Adventure

Hi Brit,

Well, another day, another adventure.  Since my wife is out of town this week, it has fallen to me to purchase the tree.  The Christmas tree that is, along with all the other evergreen decorations.  Her list includes: 1 tree 7 to 9 foot tall, 150 feet of pine branch garland, and two wreaths that will fit on our doors. 

I was going to go yesterday, but the wind was a bit much (20 – 25 MPH gusts) to be out in, so I got moving early this morning, hopped in the truck, and headed for the nursery my wife told me to shop at.  I promptly got lost.  Since I had been there once four years ago, I didn’t see the need for directions.  I was blind.

The place is out in the middle of nowhere, in a maze of narrow twisty back roads.  It all looks alike.  There are no signs.  Eventually, I found it by random chance.

It’s a nice business.  Someone immediately offered to help me.  I picked out a tree and all the other stuff, and realized I had forgotten my checkbook.  They were kind enough to set my pile of green things aside. 

Thus, another trip in the morning.  On the bright side, practice makes perfect so I shouldn’t be lost for more than 15 or 20 minutes.

the Grit


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