Pelosi has saved us all!

Hi Brit,

Good news!  It would seem that our new Speakerlady of the House has already solved America’s energy problems.  In her recent press release:

Pelosi: Our Coasts Need Lasting Protection from Oil and Gas Drilling

Not only is she going to protect our coast line, where delicate wildlife and rich liberals hang out, from the danger of oil spills, but, despite not letting us tap new oil deposits, she has promised that “Democrats intend to achieve energy independence within 10 years.”

Well hot dang and fire up the band!  All our worries are over!  I am so relieved.  Here I’ve been fretting over how we’re going to keep the cars running and the plastic baubles shooting off the production lines without new oil supplies, and all without reason.  Pelosi and the Democrats have already solved our future troubles, and didn’t even bother using the news of their brilliant plan as a campaign issue.  I am most impressed.

Although, now that I read back through that article, I can’t find any details on how we are going to achieve energy Independence.  Brit, after taking a moment to ponder this, you’ll need to excuse me while I go talk to a man about buying a horse.

the Grit


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