Advertising opportunities for Britney Spears

First, let me apologize for my earlier post.  From now on, I’ll look at the pictures that go along with the news, just to be sure.  I’ve even moved the TV over so it’s harder to ignore. 

Speaking of TV news, some of the talking heads were discussing how Britney’s little peep show moment is going to kill her ability to sponsor products.  That’s nonsense.  Sure, a new Britney action figure is going to be sold in an entirely different kind of store, but the potential is still there.

As I see it, the pop star has merely shifted her image to fit a different range of products.  Feminine hygiene springs immediately to mind, along with hair removal devices.  Oh, and what about cleaning and leather care products for that car seat?  

She has a natural place in Verizon Wireless ads.  The guy in the jumpsuit could be following Britney, and every few feet say, “No Britney.  It’s can you hear me now.” 

Thus, I predict that, whether we want to or not, we will be seeing even more of Britney Spears in the future. 

 the Grit


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