Remodeling the UN building

Hi Brit,

I dug up some dirt on Government waste, this time on the United Nations.  I know, I know, what else is new.  Well I’m going to tell you anyway.

It seems that the usually incompetent and bumbling global bureaucrats are out doing themselves are trying to set new records for wasting money.  The budget for fixing up their headquarters building in NY is $1.9 BILLION.  According to the Donald, as in Donald Trump who knows a bit about property development if not hair styling, this is $1.1 BILLION high.

Of course, since the US share of this insanity is $300 million, the story also falls under the heading of US Government waste.  For that matter, why is our share so large?  There are 192 member nations, so a fair split would put our share at $10 million.  So while the world at large seems to hate the US with a passion, they still seem to like our money.  Maybe if we kick in an extra billion or so for nicer furniture, the world would love us again.

the Grit


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