Christmas trees

Hi Brit,

Over here, most of our Christmas trees are grown for that purpose.  Just in this area, we have several farms that specialize in growing them, and letting you cut your own at a better price than you can get at those lots which spring up all over the place this time of year.

So, from a global warming point of view, this is a good thing.  The key thing about vegetation, including Christmas trees, is that a large part of their makeup is carbon, sucked as CO2 from the atmosphere.  Since CO2 is one of the gases that is theorized to cause global warming, binding it in organic matter is great.  In technical terms, it’s called a “carbon sink.”

That, by the way, is one of the main problems with the Kyoto treaty.  It only considered CO2 released in a given country (except India and China) but didn’t give credit for CO2 a country takes out of the air.  Heck, even Clinton had the sense not to send it to the Senate for ratification.  I can’t believe y’all bought into it.

Oh, and locally, we have a program where Christmas trees are collected, after the Holidays, and chipped into mulch. 

the Grit


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