Ok, Brit.  Here’s one I heard back, way back, when I was in college.

 Three college students from the US were traveling in France and got in a bit of trouble.  Sent to the guillotine actually.  The first fellow, from Harvard, gave a speech about the legal reasons that beheading was wrong, before being locked in place.  The trigger was hit, the blade dropped, and stopped just before it cut off his head.  The crowd fell silent, and the official in charge declared it was a miracle, and the man was free to go. 

The student from Yale gave a lengthy and brilliant oration on the Philosophical reasons to ban the death penalty, before baring his neck to the blade.  Once again, the killing stroke was halted just before touching the man’s skin.  Again, it was declared a miracle, and the condemned was set free.

The MIT student stood for a moment on the platform and, before giving his final speech, said, “You know, this thing would work better if you got that knot out of the rope.”

the Grit


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