Britney Spears shoots beaver!

Yep, that’s the headline to a news story I listened to the other day.  I didn’t bother looking up from the computer, because, I admit it, I know what Britney looks like.  Still, it did stick in my mind that, even for the PETA supporting Hollywood elite, a pop star going hunting just isn’t a big enough story to make such a stir with the mainstream press.

Really, beavers are nasty, destructive varmints that need to be kept under control.  So, at least the young lady was blazing away at a worthy target.  It says something about her aim, as well.  Beavers are very wary so it’s difficult to get close, making them a hard target.

I know because I have to get them out of our lake almost every year.  Here is what is left of one I gunned down three years ago. 


Of course, it originally looked like this.


In summary, I say, “You go Britney!  Shoot as many nasty, smelly beavers as you want.”  Heck, next time it comes up on the news, I may even look at the picture.

the Grit


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