Santa in danger!

It seems my unreliable source has some time off for Christmas, because he/she/it is bending my ear.  Now, or so it is said, there is a terrorist plot against Santa Claus!

“It has come to the attention of the intelligence agencies of several nations that there is a concerted effort being organized by radical Muslim terrorists to shoot down Santa Claus, thus dealing a death blow to the Great Satan’s capitalist whore spawn.  Man portable anti-air rocket systems have been smuggled into at least a dozen “Christian” countries, and delivered into the sweaty hands of three man terrorist cells.  Their mission is to stake out a house with “good” children and a chimney, wait for the arrival of the jolly fat man, and blast him and his Satan spawned reindeer out of the sky.  Fortunately, it seems that finding homes with the prerequisite qualities is difficult.”

Sorry.  I’m too stunned by this unnews to comment.

the Grit

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