What’s Big Food up to now?

Hi Brit,

My usually unreliable source is in a talkative mood this week.  He/she/it just tipped me off to a plot by Big Food to force genetically modified food on all of us. 

“There is an unholy alliance between Big Agriculture and Big Grocery Stores to develop raw vegetables that are genetically modified to grow with a bar code naturally incorporated on their surface.  The financial advantages to this are so overwhelming that, once perfected, no computer dependent nation on the planet will be able to resist.  The only thing holding up initial distribution of these products is a lack of bar code scanners that can read the tiny markings on beans, berries, and other small items.  The second phase of this plot will be to do the same with fish and birds.  After that, chicken eggs will come out pre-coded.”

As is often the case, I find this difficult to believe.  However, Big Business has done strange things in the past; remember New Coke?

the Grit


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