Russian dude

Hi Brit,

I’ve been following the story of the poisoned Russian guy.  For some reason, it has made the cable news here.  I mention that because most news bits from England (or the rest of the world) usually don’t make the cut.

From what I can tell, he died of radiation poisoning.  My first major in college was nuclear engineering (I made it to the senior year before deciding the industry had been killed by our environmental activists) and I can tell you that being over radiated is not the death of choice.  Skipping the really gross details, the reason you actually die from radiation overdose is a race between having your digestive system shut down and the destruction of your nervous system.  Both of these things are extremely painful and nasty.

 I’ve seen speculation that the reporter in question did this to himself as a way to bring down the Russian government.  If that is the case, he was one strong willed person.

It is definitely a story which is well worth following.

the Grit


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