No CO2, so sad for you

Hi Brit,

 Check this out.

Well, the agenda of the wacko environmentalists has finally seen the light of day.  Decades ago, they bitched and moaned about lead in automobile exhaust.  That seemed like a reasonable concern, so we, the People, through our Government representatives, made the automobile manufacturers and the gasoline manufacturers cut that stuff out.  With that foot in the door, the haters of all things that separate us from the apes, immediately started in on sulfur in car exhaust.  With help from some rigged scientific studies about acid rain, they managed to pull the same stunt and get catalytic converters stuck on every new car produced.  We the People put up with the extra cost and lower performance because, well sucks, who wants to die from acid rain even if it doesn’t exist. 

Seeing final success in sight, the loony left went after CO emissions, that’s carbon monoxide for those of us who slept through chemistry class.  Evil stuff that CO or so said the news media, so, for the third time, We the People spoke, and massive amounts of extra expensive junk was required to be added to our autos.

Now, we see the culmination of the tree huggers’ campaign.

This time, they’re after CO2 (carbon dioxide) because it might cause Global Warming and thus might kill us all (in the next two or three hundred years.)  So, once again, We the People are being pushed into banning just one more vile gas from escaping out of our exhaust pipes.  What hasn’t been mentioned is the question of what is left.

The answer to that is, nothing.  When you burn any carbon based fuel, you wind up with gas that is a combination of carbon and oxygen.  That’s pretty much what fire is, after all.  So, we finally get to the end of the decades long plan, the elimination of carbon based fuel.  By the by, that includes gasoline. 

I’d say go buy a horse, but they take in hay (a carbon based substance) and oxygen, combine the mess to produce energy, and release both methane and CO2, so the eco-freaks must hate them also.  Just a parting note on where this is all leading, people have much the same metabolism as horses, so, eventually, our respiration will need regulating.

the Grit


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