Clinton Clone Conspiracy

It has come to my attention, from a normally unreliable source, that:

“Bill Clinton is being cloned.  Based on directives from the Inner Circle of the Bilderberg Group, genetic samples from the ex-President have been sent to a secret genetics lab in Cheyenne Mountain.  Numerous clones are  being created.  They will be raised in various secret training facilities around the world, where they will be brainwashed into perfect tools of the Powers That Be.  Upon reaching maturity they are to undergo plastic surgery to disguise their true nature.  The goal is to create super politicians that will assume key positions in all world governments, making control by the Bilderbergers easier to maintain.”

Could be I suppose.  Of course, since I’ve always suspected Clinton is a space alien, the lab boys could be in for a big surprise 😉

the Grit

2 Responses to “Clinton Clone Conspiracy”

  1. Robert Francis Says:

    Actually this Clinton clone story is being spread about by the followers of the Rothschilds, to discredit the Rockefellers. It is also a cover story. The Rothschilds have been trying to clone their line for some years. When this story nearly broke recently, they had to find a substitute story that would appear to be just as fantastic, to discredit the likelihood the Rothschilds were involved in this activity. It is believed that Dick Morris suggested the Clinton clone story as a means of enhancing the reputation of Clinton as well, but that has not been confirmed by reliable sources. It is understood that a special political warfare department of the Tavistock Clinic is involved in the cloning of Jacob Rothschild (real name Israel Bauer). Unfortunately the early experiments failed for some reason, and the cloning the Duke of Bedford was more successful. Other Illuminati lines have been tried, but without success. It is now believed that the Russell family are still very closely connected with the Tavistock Clinic, and this is the reason for the other cloning failures. Some say that the Rothschilds have now moved their cloning activities to the place mentioned in your article, and that is the reason for the Clinton clone story.

  2. the Grit Says:

    Hi Robert,

    Well, I said my source is unreliable. I admit I should have investigated further, but it’s busy around here, what with Christmas rushing toward us. Thanks for the update, and swing back by if you happen across any other interesting tidbits.

    the Grit

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