The Russians are a hardy lot.

While expanding my knowledge of diverse bits of trivia, I stumbled across a most interesting story:,0,4957170.story?coll=sns-ap-nationworld-headlines

The title of it is “Driver Tries to Swallow Keys, Bites Cop.”  The important item of information I harvested from the report is that the central character had just consumed half a liter of pure grain alcohol (affectionately known in my college days as PGA.)  This rather potent liquid is at least 180 proof, so that is at least the equivalent of downing a full liter of vodka.

The fact that this man was still breathing is impressive enough.  That he could not only move enough to attempt to swallow his keys, but still had enough neurons firing to think up the stunt, surely proves that the Russians are tough.

the Grit



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