End of the world poem #1

No one knows when the world will end,

except perhaps some Mayan.

They set the date at 2012, and, my, how time is flyin.


But that’s just when, and not till then

will we know the way,

in which the fickle universe

has the final say.


An asteroid from outer space

can really thin the herd.

That’s what got the dinosaurs,

at least so I have heard.


Nuclear war might kill us all

in one big fiery spasm,

and sweep our race from our top place

right into the chasm.


If not by fire then perhaps by cold,

when the glaciers start to move.

From snow and shear ice age fear,

our destruction it may prove.


But all the threats which we’d regret

are not that large in size.

a tiny little virus

could lead to our demise.


Even if we squeak past all of those,

there’s still one threat to solve,

because there won’t be any people left

when once more we evolve.

the Grit


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