My sympathies Brit,

 When it comes to death in the family, I fully understand that 25 years can be like yesterday.

 I had a friend here who perfectly demonstrated the problems with our medical system.  As a struggling self employed person, he decided he couldn’t afford health insurance.  He could afford steak for dinner most nights, cable TV, and several other luxuries.

Thus, being scared by the constant news of high medical costs, he didn’t bother with annual check ups.  His high blood pressure went unnoticed and untreated.  He had a stroke, that cost him his business and what little savings he had.  With my help (I gave him a place to stay and paid his utilities until he was back on his feet) he was on the road to recovery.

Of course, still with no insurance, and now being flat broke, he didn’t get the relatively inexpensive medications to control his blood pressure.  Four months later he had another stroke, that left him totally disabled.  He was passed between hospitals for three months before he gave up and died.

Since he had no relatives, I looked through all his mail, paying attention to all the medical bills that had to be written off.  Instead of picking up the $50 per month for the needed pills, our Government was stuck with over $300,000 in hospital bills, and the loss of a productive citizen.  Where is a bean counter when you need one?

the (one sad) Grit


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