Global Warming

Hi Grit

It seems to me that there are four problems with the present reaction to global warming.


In my view, if action needs to be taken, then there is a need for it to be of a global nature, not targeting any nation or group of nations. After all we all live in one world and the consequences, if they occur, are going to affect us equally. Whilst one can accept that lesser developed countries need the opportunity to be able to advance technologically, I personally am of the opinion that, in view of current advances, it is possible for this to be achieved by “clean air” means. For example, a move towards more home working was heralded with the dawn of the Internet. This is one way to achieve prosperity, without crippling automobile emissions.

It seems to be crazy to say that only certain sections of the world should seek to reduce emissions. If country A) is emitting x amount and country b) x times 3, where is the benefit? If it is a United Nations approach then it should impact upon all of the worlds Nations.


As I mentioned in my last post on this issue, scientists cannot agree on the issues surrounding global warming. What we need is some real truth on the subject. If one takes the recent film that has been promoted by Al Gore, it is quite possible to believe that “armaggedon” is around two weeks away. But where are the facts? Some scientists have said that there are well over twenty facts in this based upon disputed data.

  • It was said that Greenland had inexplicably warmed up during the 1990’s decade and this was global warming, yet the same thing happened to Greenland in the 1920’s.
  • 2005 was said to be the hottest year? Does no one remember 1998 or 1976?
  • Sea levels to rise by 18-20 feet. Others state that it will be less than one third of that with no appreciable loss of land this century.

Let’s get to the truth of the matter before we all start building a Noah’s ark. Action based upon irrefutable facts might work. Action based upon disputed, or possible incorrect, facts may do us more harm that good. Take for example the airline situation. It was proven that in the 24 hours following 9/11, when a significant proportion of the world’s airlines were grounded, the earth heated up by 1 degree, because the protected shield of their emission was missing. 


Here I can only speak of the UK, but the government is introducing global warming taxes. One London council has introduced a fee of £300 for parking a “gas guzzler” outside your front door. The government is thinking about introducing a mileage charge for driving on Motorways and other “ecofriendly” taxes are envisaged. Yet the statistics prove that we are missing our own targets. So where is this money going? Is it coincidental that last week the London Olympic committee announced a £1 billion pound deficit? Is it coincidental that this Labour government has increased UK borrowing to £9 billion. What proof is there that these so-called “green” taxes are being spent on eco-beneficial projects?

We, and I think every citizen, needs there to be total “transparency” and accountability in these areas. I personally want my grandaughter to turn round to me in 20 years time and say “where is all the help you promised?” 


Finally, I have to ask if anyone has thought that a large part of these problems might be due to the natural evolution of the earth and universe itself. It seems to me that over the past three decades, the seasons have changed, all of them starting and ending later. Does that not suggest that the earth has changed it’s orbit a little? Similarly, we are told that, irrespective of the length of time, the sun is like a fire. Eventually it might burn out.

How much of these problems are human induced, how much natural evolution?

Personally, I think it is time we were all told the truth. Sorry my friend, end of rant.

the brit


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