Hi Brit,

As you know, the global warming debate started in 1988 with the release of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The IPCC, as it’s lovingly referred to, is a UN organization. The initial report was accompanied by a summary document aimed at government policy makers. However, the summary doesn’t agree with the conclusions of the actual report. The data included tend to show that if there is any general temperature change over the last 100 years, it’s too little to draw conclusions about. The summary, written by people with an agenda, says just the opposite.

Keep in mind that the majority attitude at the UN is for the richer nations to lower their standard of living and give the poorer countries a chance. The fundamental political concept behind the use of global warming by environmental lobbies has the same goal. One only has to look at the Kyoto Treaty, where India and China were exempted from the economically crippling conditions placed on the US, to see this in action. From this perspective, the whole thing is nothing more than America bashing. There is a sizable minority in our country that is all too happy to go along with this sort of thing.

From a scientific perspective, the main problem with proving a global temperature increase is obtaining the data needed. The reason this is a problem is that a time machine is needed to go back to enough places and times over the last 100 years to collect accurate information. True, some records of temperature have been maintained during this time span, but not with consistently accurate equipment, used by trained people, in the proper locations. For instance, records of ocean temperature have been taken only sporadically and then only where ships happen to be traveling. Another example of the problem is that a major source of data is from airports. When first established, airports are generally on the outskirts of population centers. However, as cities grow, the airports usually become surrounded by urban sprawl. Developed land of this type is usually several degrees warmer than less populated areas. Thus, the temperature data from airports is suspect. There is much more to consider along these lines, but I’ll skip that for now.

The result of the above, we should talk about, particularly knowing your love of statistics. To get around the lack of sound data, the IPCC scientists “corrected” the existing data to account for known flaws. They also extrapolated it to cover geographical areas from whence data was not available. In my mind, this is hardly the basis on which to make drastic changes in the lives of billions of people.

Well, that covers the initial UN report that got this started, and should be enough for my first rant on the subject. More later.

the Grit


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