Guess what I learnt today Grit? Apart from the fact that we have exactly the same number of bones in our necks as a giraffe, the one advantage they have over humans is that they can’t cough.

I could well have done with being a giraffe last week!!

the brit


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  1. Maia Chou Says:

    hi there Paul.

    I got wind of the thread at helium last week about your bout with something. I meant you getting sick. Anyway, take care of yourself now and don’t stay too long on that cupboard of yours.

    To your good health.


  2. Maia Chou Says:

    It’s amazing how people in the government can be so unmindful of all that money they’re throwing around. A hundred million dollars on wasted airline tickets! Can could have gone a long way towards improving public services.

    I won’t even begin to itemize the amount of money our government officials pocket every opportunity they get. It makes me fervently pray that there’s Hell after death.


  3. the Grit Says:

    Hi Maia,

    At least over here they don’t openly take money from the Government till. Generally, they just fritter it away on unnecessary projects or just by gross stupidity.

    the Grit

  4. Paul Says:

    Hi Maia

    Thanks for the wishes. Am on the road to full recovery. Busy this week decking out the cupboard for Christmas.

    the brit

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