A few bits of interest I picked up on today. Firstly, Prince Charles was caught sleeping at the memorial services yesterday. Obviously he is set to become a dream king.

You no doubt have heard about the divorce of ex-beatle Paul McCartney. Well it is reported today that he has offered his ex-wife £20 million for sole custody of their baby daughter. I have put an advert on the web offering my three children, 29, 26 and 20, all house trained at a job lot of £40 million.

Lastly,  a consumer asked BT for a new telephone line. All the normal questions were asked so that this could be set up. One of the final questions was “do you want to be ex-directory (number withheld from all)”, to which the consumer replied “Yes.” When everything was settled and the deposit paid, the call centre person asked if there was anything else they could help the subscriber with.

“Yes, can you tell me my number please?”

“Sorry sir, we can’t reveal that. You are ex-directory,” came the reply. 

the brit


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