Hi Brit,

 Good to see you feeling better.

In reguards to the rocket story, I saw something almost as funny in high school.  Some of the local boys were doing a bit of drinking behind the stands at a tractor pull.  After reaching a sufficient point of intoxication, a bet was made that one fellows manhood would fit into the neck of an empty beer bottle, which it did.  Unfortunately, this seemed to overly please said manhood’s owner to his dismay, as the bottle became stuck.  I left the scene at the point where someone found a hammer, and the very upset bottle wearer had been convienced to put the bottle on a tree stump and hold still.


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  1. Maia Chou Says:

    Very funny! I suppose the guy back at UK that Paul spoke about was intoxicated too! If he wasn’t well somebody ought to give him a sound whacking in the head.

    I like your new blog. ‘Can’t comment on the elections thread you had at Brit and Grit, elections makes my blood pressure rise. The only thing i can say is that politicians are of the same stripe in at least three countries I know: yours, Paul’s and mine. Kinda depressing.



  2. the Grit Says:

    Hi Maia,

    Glad you stopped by. I quit taking politics seriously several years ago. That was about the time I realized that the Masons were running the world.

    the Grit

  3. joey_g Says:

    agree man

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