Hi Grit,

Dosed up with the necessary medical aids, I thought I’d pass on three strange, funny and tragic but true pieces of news. The first is on the politcal front. A man, dressed as Charlie Chaplain, stood in silent street protest opposite Number 10, Downing Street this morning, with a placard saying “No-one listens to the silent majority”. The police eventually arrested him… under the terrorism act! He was let off with a caution.

Secondly, a seriously colour-blind person has written to our football league asking that identification and the colours of team kit should be changed so that people with this problemĀ can enjoy the game. He says that when teams like Liverpool (in Red) and Chelsea (in blue) play he has no idea who is playing for which side. I guess this is a problem that us the designers who don’t suffer from this condition do not think about enough.

Lastly, and it although it had tragic results, this news had an announcer on BBC Radio 2 in stitches. Apparently the health and safety department have issued another firework safety warning. What promoted this was the internal injuries caused to a 22 year old who experiemented with a rocket… by sticking it up his backside and igniting it.

The UK world gets stranger every day.

the brit


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