I hate my new cell phone that my wife made me get so she can keep up with me.  The dang thing is too nice.  It takes pictures and video, with a zoom feature no less.  It has Internet access!  Also, it includes email, text messages, voice recognition for the phone book, Blue Tooth wireless stuff, plays MP3 files, plays video games, and has more memory than the computer I’m writing this on.  I’m sure it does more things that I haven’t figured out yet, like calling down death rays on my enemies from orbiting satellites.

 I put off getting one of these nasty things because I suspected this might happen.  Now, I look at the phone every so often hoping it will ring or trying to think of someone to call.  The picture taking thing has also got me hooked.  I find myself constantly on the alert for some image to capture digitally.  I even bought a quick draw belt holster to facilitate this.

I’m lost.  Help me.

the Grit


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