With regards to your comments about Blair becoming an American politician Grit, I think he has set his sights higher than that. Rumour has it that he is following in the footsteps of the first lady of UK politics, Margaret Thatcher. He is off to enjoy the “speech” circuit.

With the fees per booking starting at around £20,000 a time, a months work will quadruple his PM salary of just over £135,000. The additional benefit he has of course is that his wife, Cherie, is a barrister, thus he has the ultimate “no win, no tea” (or is it fee?) protection.

The first tour has already been arranged under the title of “Being a dictator in a Democracy.” Add to this the £1 million advance for his autobiography “The life of the UK saviour” and one can see that he is not likely to be claiming benefits in the near future.



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