Hey Brit,

 The soup will be at peak readiness in about half an hour.

 Ah, but there is another Bush waiting in the wings, Jeb, Governor of Florida.  As luck would have it, due to term limits he can’t run for Governor again, even though, because of his excellent leadership during the last few hurricane seasons, he is most well thought of.  Not to worry though, two Bushes in a row would be pushing things.

Most likely, Chaney will resign soon after this election, due to health reasons, and the next Republican chosen one will be appointed as VP.  My bet is on Rice.

Of course, there is always the chance that Blair will move to the US, switch citizenship, and run for office.  He can’t be President, without a Constitutional amendment, but Senator and any number of appointed positions are open.

 As to the next US military adventure, that will be Canada.  Not, mind you, that we have anything much against the Canadians, but because we will need the space to move the current population of California to when the Mexicans take over the state.

the Grit


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